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Covid-19 Policies

Let's Stay Safe

Our health and safety will always be the top priority.

To ensure the safety of all families participating at Studio Tiana, the following policies have been put in place:

*Opting to stay safe and remain online at any time is always accepted. All class transition decisions will be at the discretion of Miss Tiana. Disinfecting studio procedures must be performed each class by parents, students and Miss Tiana

Covid-19: Student Life


If need be...

Studio Tiana had a very successful online year!  Classes ran without a hitch, so we know it is now possible!  If cases are on the rise and we are too restricted with spacing, all classes will be instantly transitioned back online via Zoom.

Covid-19: Academics


The best of both worlds!

Studio Tiana is set up for a hybrid style of learning. The studio will be set up with camera's, and class can be conducted in class + online via Zoom simultaneously. All students participating from home can be just as involved as being in class!

Covid-19: Academics

Together Again


Classes run as usual in studio (pre-pandemic). The studio is equipped for sanitization supplies and an air purifier! A hybrid style of learning is set up in case of any illnesses. (Even if it is a cold!) Being sick is never fun! Please be good to yourself and others by staying home if you or your little one are feeling ill in any way.

Covid-19: Academics
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