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How does MYC pricing work?

There are two different types of fees you need to be aware of in MYC.  1. Registration / Start Up Fee and 2. Monthly Tuition Fee.
1. Registration / Start Up Fee:  This fee is due immediately in order to confirm your child's spot in class.  This fee covers all books for the year, music bag, castanet, tinsheet, magnets, classroom supplies and materials. 
2. Monthly Tuition Fee:  This is a paid subscription which covers all your classes!  This fee will be charged to your credit card for 9 consecutive months beginning September and ending in May.

How many students in a class?

There are only up to 8 students in person per class! (I know...awesome, right!?)
Please be aware that there may be students joining from other areas online as we work in class together.

Is parent participation mandatory?

Parent participation ensures an effective practice, and routine!  Concepts taught in class are expected to be reviewed and carried out at home each day.  We all know parents will make sure this happens!

How long is each class?

Each class is 1 hour in length.  Every minute counts so please arrive on time!

How much does my child have to practice?

This all depends on level and maturity.  For example, Sunshine students need at least 10 minutes of practice per day.  However, this practice can consist of different things each day.  As long as they practice their piano pieces each day, the rest of the time can be spent on their craft or coloring homework section, their singing pieces, reviewing note names, etc.

Sunbeam and Moonbeam 1 students are encouraged to practice 10 - 15 minutes a day.

We discuss important elements like this in class as well!

Are classes mandatory?  What if my child or I am sick on class day?

Classes ARE mandatory.  But do not worry!  If you or your child are feeling ill in any way, I encourage you to stay home and log onto our class online!  If you are too sick to participate online, you are more than welcome to watch the recording of our lesson at your convenience throughout the week.

What about performances?

Studio Tiana loves performances!!  There is no better way to get rid of those stage jitters than to perform...a lot!  It builds confidence and character!

In level 1, each class performs rhythm ensemble numbers together.  This is a fantastic way to gently introduce them to the joys of the stage.  By the time our spring recital comes, each child is ready to set their own stage and perform by themselves at the piano.  (Don't worry, Miss Tiana can assist them if need be!)

Each year, we love to offer performances for the following occasions:

-Halloween (you don't wanna miss this fun event!)

-Christmas (There are always some surprises at this one!  This event is considered a big deal)

-Music in the Mall (who doesn't want to shop or grab an ice cream after a successful performance?)

-Composition Performance (Our students are stars...and boy do they really shine here!)

-Barrie Music Festival (All MYC students from around the area come together and perform for each other and an adjudicator!  We've even had the founder of MYC, Francis Balodis come and adjudicate our event!  It was too cool.)

-Spring Recital (this is the biggest event of the year!)

Is MYC a lot of work?

Sure is.  But so is anything else you sign up for!  The rewards of MYC are beyond what words can find.
MYC teaches children the feeling of success, achievement, drive, motivation, focus, and the understanding that if you want to be good at something, you've gotta work at it every single day.

Should I as the parent practice as well?

Absolutely!!  Especially if you are new to the wonderful world of music, it will only be in your benefit (and your child's) to practice alongside them.  Plus, your child will either LOVE it, or be driven by it!  Win, win!

What if music lessons are not for my child?  Can I get a refund?

Before you begin thinking about leaving the program, it is very important that you don't make a mistake.  It is natural to hit a "practice lull" occasionally.  This doesn't mean it will persist.  It just means that it is okay to take it easy for a few days before  getting back to that piano again.

Please remember that you are teaching your child very important life lessons in MYC as you are so involved.

Children do not always understand why they are feeling a certain way.  Sometimes they confuse "it's hard" for "I hate this."  It is your job as a parent, to be a parent.  Teach your child not to give up if it gets tough, but to slow things down and break things down to make it easier.   I promise the reward in the end will be life changing for them.

If for an unforeseen circumstance you and your child are unable to complete the program, refunds are acceptable up until October 31st.  After this time, as class spots can no longer be filled, refunds are not accepted. 

What if I forget to come to my lesson?

Unfortunately, missed lessons are not rescheduled.  Please understand that your lesson time is scheduled at the beginning of the year and will not be given away once confirmed.  It is your obligation to make sure you do not miss your lesson, just as it is your teacher's obligation to not miss your lesson.

If you've signed up for Music Pups® or MYC, we've got you covered!  Each class will be recorded, so you can sit and enjoy it later in your pj's!

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